• Natalie Hawes

Parent tactics at the H&Moschino launch.

Shopping with children can be a nightmare, i never knew they were lessons for this very moment.

How many of us have been out shopping and had to take a child with us? Nearly all of us right! whether it be our children, our little brothers or sisters even our nieces and nephews. There is nothing worse than shopping with a child that won't stay still or is having a tantrum and nothing seems to work, or there is the constant "can i have" accompanied by the tapping on your leg and this happens even in the shops that doesn't concern them.

Who's experienced that dreaded moment that i have, when your child decides to play hide and seek in the clothes rails and your heart falls out of your bum and all of a sudden it feels like someone cranked up the thermostat and the sweat is starting to say "hi".

When i think about it now those moments i laugh at and certainly taught me a lesson for my second child, but they also came in handy when i went to the H&Moschino launch. I awkwardly thought i would wait in a line and once in our'll be able to shop at my own leisure, however that wasn't the case, i heard this voice shout "30 of you will have 10 minutes to shop, you will be timed and asked to leave immediately once the timer is up" yep i had that thermostat moment, in my mind could i even find what i wanted in 10 mins.The barriers opened and you wouldn't believe how i used shopping with a child for years to my advantage, i was bending up and down like i was looking for that lost child and squeezing pass people who were standing there debating on items for 2 minutes, who's got 2 minutes to look at an item when your child is screaming right! i was using my mother eyes and all of a sudden i had an extra pair of eyes. People looking at me wishing they had the guts to move around like a crazy women, but who cares who's looking when your child is screaming your on a mission to get in an out and i did exactly that! i took all my items to the changing room tried them on and when i got to the till i heard the cheers of the next 30 people coming in and it felt like they were cheering for me because i aced it. As parents or carers we go through moments of stress, its hard to see what those moments are preparing you for when your breaking down, however i'm telling you now if your've had a moment thats caused you stress pick that moment apart and take whatever lesson you can from it and i'm sure there will be a chance to use it to your advantage.


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