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DIY projects can be so rewarding and so therapeutic especially when it saves you some coins.

This year i wanted a chanel inspired Christmas tree so i done some DIY and created some of my own tree decorations.

When i started my faze of having a Chanel inspired Christmas tree my husband rolled his eyes, i can imagine in his head he was thinking another idea! what next. The reason for this is because i am very much into arts and craft and anytime theres an opportunity to make or customise something i'm front of the line filling my house with glitter and standing in the garden with a face mask and pj's dancing with spray paint while the neighbours peep at me though their blinds. When i was a teenager i would cut up my jeans or take one arm off my top because i wasn't about to be the same as anyone else my creative blood wouldn't let me. However i didn't became the next Donnatella Versace, and you know what thats ok with me! as i got holder i realised i just enjoyed seeing the finished product and even if it was only my mum who complimented me i felt great. I haven't shared much of my projects but recently i have been receiving messages to make videos and i thought why not i'm always happy to share my ideas with others and to be honest making ideas come to life is a therapeutic journey, i find some me time, play some music and i zone out and only think about this one thing i'm working on and you wouldn't believe the peace i feel because normally i'm dashing around getting school uniforms ready, thinking about what bills need to be paid and the one hundred other things that need to be done before i retire for the night which is usually after midnight. Its important to have some you time, its healthy to have you time! because anxiety, mental health and depression is strongly upon us and there are many reasons for this but i know making time for yourself is important because your body is like a car it can only run while there is enough fuel but when that fuel runs out so do you and exhaustion has many different outcomes. So if your in to arts, crafts, baking, gym, dancing..... make some you time, in fact create a you time because everyone needs YOU TIME.


Quote - My Husband -

My first video is dedicated to my little brother Glenn who is always supporting me, without him I wouldn't of been able to put this together. - I LOVE YOU -



  • Natalie Hawes

Shopping with children can be a nightmare, i never knew they were lessons for this very moment.

How many of us have been out shopping and had to take a child with us? Nearly all of us right! whether it be our children, our little brothers or sisters even our nieces and nephews. There is nothing worse than shopping with a child that won't stay still or is having a tantrum and nothing seems to work, or there is the constant "can i have" accompanied by the tapping on your leg and this happens even in the shops that doesn't concern them.

Who's experienced that dreaded moment that i have, when your child decides to play hide and seek in the clothes rails and your heart falls out of your bum and all of a sudden it feels like someone cranked up the thermostat and the sweat is starting to say "hi".

When i think about it now those moments i laugh at and certainly taught me a lesson for my second child, but they also came in handy when i went to the H&Moschino launch. I awkwardly thought i would wait in a line and once in our'll be able to shop at my own leisure, however that wasn't the case, i heard this voice shout "30 of you will have 10 minutes to shop, you will be timed and asked to leave immediately once the timer is up" yep i had that thermostat moment, in my mind could i even find what i wanted in 10 mins.The barriers opened and you wouldn't believe how i used shopping with a child for years to my advantage, i was bending up and down like i was looking for that lost child and squeezing pass people who were standing there debating on items for 2 minutes, who's got 2 minutes to look at an item when your child is screaming right! i was using my mother eyes and all of a sudden i had an extra pair of eyes. People looking at me wishing they had the guts to move around like a crazy women, but who cares who's looking when your child is screaming your on a mission to get in an out and i did exactly that! i took all my items to the changing room tried them on and when i got to the till i heard the cheers of the next 30 people coming in and it felt like they were cheering for me because i aced it. As parents or carers we go through moments of stress, its hard to see what those moments are preparing you for when your breaking down, however i'm telling you now if your've had a moment thats caused you stress pick that moment apart and take whatever lesson you can from it and i'm sure there will be a chance to use it to your advantage.


  • Natalie Hawes

I have learnt to be confident in clothes that make me feel uncomfortable.

I'm flattered by the many compliments i receive when i'm out, i almost turn into a shy child and i'm sure if i was pale you would see the redness in my cheeks. Like many mums i have that dreaded bloated tummy that doesn't seem to want to leave my body, i've been gym, eaten healthier but still i wake up look into the mirror and say good morning to Mr Tummy the guy with the silver stretch marks as hair. Many people who know me would never know the insecurities i have about that particular part of my body, at times i have felt so down and surfed the internet looking at quick fixes! its so easy these days to want surgery because how often do we hear about the surgeries that didn't go right. I actually didn't realise how bad i felt till i was shopping for my holiday to Florida in April 2018 and i picked out this really cute two piece, i tried it on and i stood in the dressing room staring into the mirror stretching my skin so my belly would look flatter and my stretch marks would disappear slightly, i felt like screaming at my reflection "give me a break" it hurt and i sat in the corner of the dressing room for 30 seconds before picking myself up and telling the lady in the changing room that i would leave this one even though i wanted it so badly. Feeling fed up i dragged my feet around westfield shopping centre, that night i spoke to a friend on the phone and i started to cry as i spoke about this two piece i so badly wanted she was in utter shock! however so was i! i couldn't contain the waterfall i had finally broken (it probably wasn't just the swimsuit but the build up of a very stressful week, often i've washed my tears away in my nightly baths this night i didn't make it), i think she went silent and i had to say her name twice to make sure she was still there, she couldn't believe how well i carried my sadness and how often i put other people first and she then said "i now understand the tiredness i see appear in your eyes from time to time". After speaking about what i had never spoken about before i felt a boost of confidence, that night i done a lot of thinking and although i felt better i knew i still had a long way to go. I can't stress how important it is to find someone you feel comfortable with an talk to them, it won't fix things but it helps make what your carrying lighter. Months down the line with a few break downs i have finally decided to use my passion for fashion to help me fall in love with my body again.

My first step starts here i want to show you what i see.

Showing my stretch marks is the first step of me accepting that their not going anywhere. They're simply waiting to be loved <3

Please think about what your saying when talking to people because our words can be our most powerful weapon, and there are so many people suffering in silence. It took a lot for me to push the publish button i almost left this as a draft.