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I'm a wife and a mother to two beautiful children Lariah and Jacob. Born and raised in East London, a true virgo who has a habit of touching peoples lives. When you look at my about me picture's you see confidence right? maybe you would think i've done this a few times! but what you didn't hear or see is me ask my sister if my stretch marks look ugly or the 30 pictures i cringed at even though my sisters said it looks amazing but hey! Its all apart of my journey to love what i have been blessed with.


I want my blog to give mothers or mothers to be who's bodies have changed body confidence from reading my journey and i want them to learn to love the things that we can't change without resulting to surgery which i almost fell victim to on many occasions. 


I want mothers to see that even with stretch marks, a few extra pounds or our droopy boobs, we are still beautiful and we can still look good in the latest trends. How many times have you seen that tab on a fashion website "INSTAGRAM TRENDS" and thought its never gonna look the same on me! 


We must remember our bodies change but our beauty remains the same, a mirror shows us the truest reflection of ourselves but our minds can change that truth because its easy to become emotionally and physically tired of looking for the right outfit or climbing away from the colour black. As mothers we forget we are our own beauty, we need no validation, our bodies are the temple of life so be proud of who you are and don't forget to love yourself.


"I'm learning to love my stretch marks" what are you learning to love?


Depression and Mental health is affecting many mothers "YOUR NOT ALONE"

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